Expirience Architecture

Our renowned Awsmservices offers experience architecture services for our clients. The art of presenting the user experience, story and journey through an information architecture, experience design and interaction design is called experience architecture. And we successfully help our customers by providing nice and interesting experience architecture design on their behalf. We have initiated this service to bring about a change in the marketing world.

Experience architecture promotes the function of marketing and redefines your brand in a broader perspective. It is easy for marketers to hang up on a big thing with the overcrowded of channels, platforms and devices that are connected together. You have to think hard and sort out the remarkable solution for your business. You have to opt out what your brand says about itself and what the customers talk about your brand. How you will be able to create culturally and socially relevant, applicable and meaningful experience for your new visitors and customers. You need to rigorous thinking and deep research for that. But why are you thinking much. We are providing solutions and thinking about it on your behalf because we are offering this experience architecture services for our customers.

Experience Architecture deliverables:

A series of project manuals, specifications and guidelines are responsible for experience architecture. This includes some of deliverables and they are as follows:

  • User story
  • User journey and experience
  • Persona and scenario
  • Information architecture, experience design and interaction design
  • Wireframe and content strategy
  • Functional specification
  • Prototype

How we ensure Experience Architecture Service:

We are using the five grand aspects of experience architecture to serve our customers. Our service in this regard is compared to none and we are able to have lots of success lists in this sector. We try to synchronize the experience of the customers and the brand’s overall performance. We inform our customers about these through images, info graphics, portfolio and more. These are the following aspects that can be taken into consideration regarding this service:

Project Portfolio: Your firm must have some stunning and mesmerizing photos of their works and projects. You can share them with your customers via your social media sites. In this way, you can reach and attract more people than you have imagined ever. Our services include posting and preparing such project portfolio for your business and post those things into your social sites pages.

Educational Content: We also create educational content on your behalf to impress the audiences and hold them back to your website. When people find something astounding and funny, they will stay at your site longer than you can imagine. If they like the post or content, they will obviously return and fortunately become your potential customer.

Project Inspiration: For the inspiration of your customers, you can show them your project inspiration board and motivate them to your site. Several architecture firms create ideas, content, posts etc through ‘Pinspiration’ board. You can use this board to motivate your employees to draw their ideas and jumble them down in a board.

Info Graphics: We all know that pictures tell thousands things than written words. You can share info graphics with your customers but make sure before sharing that they are all relevant to your business and purpose.

Leverage various media formats (Video, Images etc.): You can improve customer experience by using various media formats like video, images etc. All these media formats attract people most and when they sort out something interesting, they engage with your brand and website. And we offer all these services to our valuable clients.